Our Key

Our initiative is a three-wheeled solution all geared towards gaining knowledge, skills, and know-how to compete in the future Job Market with digital skills:

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Job Scarcity Challenges

We believe the best way to deal with job scarcity is to grant everybody an equal right & access to tangible, marketable and robust digital skills

Resolving Underskilled Labour

The labour market has changed drastically, this initiative is built to fill-in the high demand for skilled labour - especially specialized digital skills

Appropriate Job Placements

By leveraging on our partnership with Disrupt Recruiting Limited (DRL), we aim to facilitate job placements in both local and international projects

About us

About DSI Lagos

DSIL is a program facilitated by Lagos State Government through the office of the Special Adviser on Education in Collaboration with Loftyinc Allied Partners Limited aimed at empowering Youths and young students in Lagos Primary and Secondary schools in Lagos

It is designed to equip them with knowledge, skills, and know-how that would enable them to thrive in the technology space in a couple of years' time and compete in the future Job Market with digital skills.

  • Access to tangible, marketable and robust digital skills
  • Platform built to fill-in the demand for skilled Digital labour
  • Facilitating job placements in both local and international projects
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About Our Digital Platform

Available to access 24/7, on any device, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Our learning platform is key to our students studying effectively. The VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) is at the heart of your online study experience. It’s where you will work through interactive lecturecasts, submit assignments, discuss concepts and ideas with classmates and access high quality resources to supplement your study.

Learn Anywhere

Our online courses are designed to be easily accessible from your smartphone and PC, making learning more convenient

Expert Teacher

We work with expert tutors who tutor a wide range of subjects tailored to help students overcome their academic pitfalls

Our Platforms

Our Courses

Ages 8 - 16
Digital Skills Initiative Lagos Foundation

Designed for youngsters in Primary & Secondary Schools to acquiant them with the basics of digital technology

Ages 17 - 30
Digital Skills Initiative Lagos Hybrid

Tailored for young students and aspiring entrepreneurs enthutiasic about the prospects of building a solid digital career